Here is the quote from today’s homily:

“The bible does not concern itself anywhere with pastoral plans and strategies. Instead, on almost every page it reveals that God does not act anywhere and everywhere, but in a concrete place. God does not act at any and every moment, but at a particular time. God does not act through anyone and everyone,but through people God chooses. If we do not come to recognize that again, there will be no renewal of the Church in our time, for this principle of salvation history is true today as well.”

-From Does God Need the Church by Gerhard Lohfink [emphasis added]

What do you think?

How God Acts


Faith is a quality of the person, a perfection of the mind and will that adhere to the light of God Faith is a passive or receptive virtue and at the same time it is active. It communicates divine light to us and also leads us into the darkness of mystery.

Servais Pinckaers, O.P.


Theology is the name we give to the efforts of our minds and hearts to catch up with the work of the Living God in the world. Or theology is the name we give to the effort of our minds and hearts to grasp the world conjured by God and construed by Scripture. Or theology is our successfully imagining the world imagined by Scripture, which reveals the world imagined by God.

    • Luke Timothy Johnson