Lincoln’s Log 5-30-2021

The Holy Trinity

This weekend we celebrate the Mystery at the heart of our faith, the Holy Trinity. It is a Mystery, which does NOT mean that we cannot know it, but it means that we cannot comprehend it. We can get glimpses and tastes of the Mystery, but we can never “master” it like we can master a math problem or a philosophical proof.  The Trinity is infinitely knowable. But where do we start? I’ve found that a good approach to getting in touch with this Mystery is through the Litany of the Holy Trinity. The Litany uses brief statements to point us in the direction of the Trinity. Taken together, the litany explores many facets of the Trinity and can get our minds oriented to explore this great Mystery. Here is an excerpt from the Litany. 

God the Father of Heaven,

Have mercy on us.

God the Son, Redeemer of the world, Have mercy on us

God the Holy Ghost, etc.

Holy Trinity, One God,

Father from Whom are all things,

Son through Whom are all things,

Holy Ghost in Whom are all things,

Holy and undivided Trinity,

Father everlasting,

Only-begotten Son of the Father,

Spirit Who proceedeth from the Father and the Son,

Co-eternal Majesty of Three Divine Persons,

Father, the Creator,

Son, the Redeemer,

Holy Ghost, the Comforter,

Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of hosts,

Who art, Who wast, and Who art to come,

God Most High, Who inhabitest eternity,

To Whom alone are due all honor and glory,

Who alone does great wonders,

Power infinite,

Wisdom incomprehensible,

Love unspeakable,

You can find the rest of the Litany of the Holy Trinity here. Spend some time this week reflecting on this Great Mystery.


Dcn. Lincoln
Parish Pastoral Leader


Faith is a quality of the person, a perfection of the mind and will that adhere to the light of God Faith is a passive or receptive virtue and at the same time it is active. It communicates divine light to us and also leads us into the darkness of mystery.

Servais Pinckaers, O.P.

God of ecstacy

“This ‘supreme’ and ‘surpassing’ reality by which the human being is transformed and given a new ultimate purpose is none other than the strange God who is powerful enough to become powerless, great enough to become small…. The Incarnation is the surest sign that God is best described as ecstacy.”
Robert Barron

The Human Search

I think we can state the message like this: The search of all people in every age has been a search for some ultimate meaning perceptible among all the complexities and paradoxes of life. It is also a search for some ultimate authority in whom and on whom we can place complete reliance and certainty without losing our human self-respect or integrity. Idolatry and mere religiosity have only ever provided temporary satisfaction for this search. Our particular message which we have received by the manifold disclosure of God’s self-revelation that culminates in the person of Jesus is that these ultimate goals of meaning and authority are to be found within the depths of the human soul – within the mystery of our own personhood. It is the treasure buried in the field of our own hearts.
John Main, O.S.B.