Gandhi’s Seven Deadly Sins of Society

  • Wealth without work
  • Pleasure without conscience
  • Knowledge without character
  • Commerce without morality
  • Science without humanity
  • Religion without sacrifice
  • Politics without principle

quoted in Easter Fire, Richard Sklba and Joseph Juknialis

Quote of the Week 1-31-17 Gandhi


More on Conscience

[Conscience] can mean:
(a) the pressure a man feels upon his will to do what he thinks is right;
(b) his judgment as to what the content of right and wrong are.
In sense (a) conscience is always to be followed. It is the sovereign of the universe, which “if it had power as it has right, would absolutely rule the world.” It is not to be argued with, but obeyed, and even to question it is to incur guilt.
But in sense (b) it is a very different matter. People may be mistaken about wrong and right; most people in some degree are mistaken.

C.S. Lewis