Original Sin

Original sin is our sharing int he common pain of being human.  It does not need hatred.  It needs healing.  It does not deserve punishment.  It deserves tears.  It is not worked through so much as washed away by situating one’s life in a much bigger picture.

Richard Rohr, OFM, Adam’s Return

The Beauty of Listening

More often than ever before young people ask me, “What is the most beautiful thing in your life?”  Without hesitating I reply:

  •  first of all the common prayer, and in it, the long periods of silence.

Then, immediately after that, the most beautiful thing in my life is this:

  • when I am talking with someone alone, to perceive the whole human being, marked by a tragedy or by being torn apart within, and at the same time by the irreplaceable gifts through which the life of God in that person is able to bring everything to fulfillment.

It is essential to try to comprehend the whole person… It is not enough simply to share what assaults a person within.  It is even more vital to search for that special gift of God, the pivot of their whole existence.  Once this gift (or gifts) has been brought to light, roads forward lie open.

Messy Spirituality

You and I are incomplete. I’m unfinished. I’m unfixed. And the reality is that’s where God meets me is in the mess of my life, in the unfixedness, in the brokenness. I thought he did the opposite, he got rid of all that stuff. But if you read the Bible, if you look at it at all, constantly he was showing up in people’s lives at the worst possible time of their life.

– Mike Yaconelli