True Evangelization

Communicating Christ never means trying to impose oneself.  The Gospel is not a vise that clamps down upon another person’s conscience and entraps that person.  A believer from Bangladesh, speaking about those around him who do not know Christ, said, “When you are near a fire, you are warmed.  When the fire of God’s love is in us, does it not shine on those who are close to us, even if we do not realize it?”

More on Conscience

[Conscience] can mean:
(a) the pressure a man feels upon his will to do what he thinks is right;
(b) his judgment as to what the content of right and wrong are.
In sense (a) conscience is always to be followed. It is the sovereign of the universe, which “if it had power as it has right, would absolutely rule the world.” It is not to be argued with, but obeyed, and even to question it is to incur guilt.
But in sense (b) it is a very different matter. People may be mistaken about wrong and right; most people in some degree are mistaken.

C.S. Lewis