Deacon Lincoln’s Log 9-14-14


Sassoferrato - Jungfrun i bön.jpg
Sassoferrato – Jungfrun i bön” by Giovanni Battista Salvi da SassoferratoWeb Gallery of Art:   Image  Info about artwork. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Recently, Bishop Ricken issues a Pastoral Reflection entitled, “Teach My People to Pray.”  In this reflection he calls all parishes in the diocese to have a particular focus on prayer for the next two years as part of his six year plan on the New Evangelization.  He reminds us that

The Christian life is a life rooted in prayer, the fruit of which is love.  During these first two years, as we learn to pray and to deepen our prayer lives, I urge you to “come to Jesus” in prayer.  This phrase is often taken out of context but when you reflect upon it, it is an invitation and a prayer in and of itself — it is an invitation to come to Jesus and to not be afraid to come to Him.  Come and be a friend of Jesus.  Come and learn to sit at his feet, to adore Him, to love Him, and to spend time with Him every day.  Come and live out of that great fountain of God’s mercy that He is pouring upon the world by truly enjoying all of the spiritual riches that He has to give you through the life of the Church and through the gift of the Holy Eucharist every Sunday.  Come throughout the week and make God your top priority in your daily life.  Come and do not be afraid!

I am asking each of you to think about how our faith community can aid you in making Jesus your top priority.  How can we, together, in the coming two years, grow in our life of prayer?  Our Pastoral Councils will be looking at this question in the next few months.  Please let me know your thoughts.  How can we become a “school of prayer” in the Holy Spirit?


Dcn. Lincoln A. Wood


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