Deacon Lincoln’s Log 11-3-13

Last week I shared ten principles for prayer from one of my favorite books: Spiritual Direction:  A Path to Spiritual Maturity by our former Auxiliary Bishop Robert Morneau.  This week I thought I would continue with ten principles on discernment from the same book:

  1. Discernment is a prayerful process by which experiences are interpreted in faith.
  2. Discernment must deal with many voices seeking to capture our minds, hearts, and energies.
  3. Discernment is cultivated in listening love that allows one to hear the felt-experience of good and evil movements within oneself, others, and society.
  4. Discernment relies on two principles:  Jesus and revelation.
  5. Discernment assumes that God is continually working in the depth of every individual and community.
  6. Discernment respects the nature of time and is willing to wait freely for a decision that has a need of clarification, detachment, and magnanimity.
  7. Discernment is a gift (grace) given to those who are properly disposed to receive it because of obedience and surrender.
  8. Discernment blends faith and pragmatism:  it searches out God’s will in radical trust and does it.
  9. Discernment looks to its consequences for it authenticity:  decisions are of God if ultimately they lead to life and love.
  10. Discernment leads to truth and, through truth, into freedom.

Discernment builds on prayer and brings it to the realm of action.  These principles  form a solid basis for a lived faith.


Dcn. Lincoln A. Wood

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