Deacon Lincoln’s Log 9-22-13

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.””

Heb. 13: 2

This weekend I have the joy of introducing two new staff members to our community. Both of these women have been involved in ministry for a number of years and both are part time in serving our community.

Maria Scherer comes to us from New London where she teaches part-time as a teacher at Most Precious Blood. Maria is our new part-time coordinator of Youth Ministries. She will be helping us to form our middle school and high school youth as disciples of Jesus Christ. Maria has already been busy planning our summer youth mission trip and working with our catechists to prepare to begin our religious education year. We are blessed to have such a talented minister to help us form young disciples.

Sr. Pauline Feiner, SDS comes to us most recently from Shiocton and Stephensville where she served as the Parish Director/Pastoral Leader. Sr. Pauline recently retired from full time ministry and has joined our community as a part time Pastoral Associate. Prior to that ministry, Sr. Pauline has served as a Catholic school teacher, principal, Director of Religious Education, and Pastoral Associate throughout Wisconsin serving nearly 10 parishes over the course of her career. We are blessed to have someone with broad and deep ministerial experience. Sr. Pauline will be living in the rectory at St. Mary’s as she engages in part time ministry.

I encourage you all to get to know these fine women. They bring many gifts and generous hearts. My hope is that you can be a blessing in their lives as you are in mine.

May God continue to bless our community as we welcome new ministers in our midst!



Lincoln A. Wood


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