Lincoln’s Log 1-6-13
“Father, you revealed your Son to the nations by the guidance of a star.  Lead us to your glory in heaven by the light of faith.”
Opening Prayer, Epiphany
Epiphany, with its proximity to the beginning of the New Year, is a wonderful time to evaluate what has been guiding our life.  As you look back on 2012 here are some questions, suggested by Joyce Rupp, to help discern the direction the light of faith is guiding you as we begin 2012.
As you look back on 2012:
1. What name would you give to your journey the past year? How would you describe it to one of your friends? What image or metaphor would you use to talk about it?
2. What were some of your “epiphanies” of the past year (your discoveries of the Holy One in your midst)? How did you grow because of them?
3. Who were your wise persons? What did they reveal to you? How did this influence your life?
4. Did any of your hopes and dreams become a reality?
5. What was most satisfying about the year? What was least satisfying?
6. How did your experience of the past year affect the world in which you live?
As you look to the year before you:
1. What name would you like your new year’s journey to have? What gifts do you bring with you into the year before you?
2. Do you find resistance within you? Of what are you most afraid as you enter a new year?
3. What is your greatest need for the coming year?
4. Who do you bring with you for your support and strength as you begin to journey through the year?
5. How is your relationship with the Holy One as you pause on the threshold of the new year’s vast landscape? What is at the heart of your new year’s prayer?
6. What do you hope to contribute to society in this coming year?
May God continue to bless you as we begin 2013.
Lincoln A. Wood

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