Advent 3: "What should we do?"

Lincoln’s Log 12-16-12
The crowds asked John the Baptist, “What should we do?”
(Lk. 3:10)
In the Gospel this week we find people asking John the Baptizer a very basic question. “What should we do?” The people asking are common folks. They are not political or religious leaders. They are not powerful men and women. They are not the wealthy. They are the common folks…. like you and I.
It is a common question. “What should we do?” It is a question we each ask daily. “What should I do?” As Christmas approaches and the demands on our time increase, “What should we do?” As our families gather to celebrate, “What should we do?” As we remember past Christmas celebrations, “What should we do?” Every morning, as we get out of bed, “What should I do?”
John gives a very simple answer. It is not filled with esoteric wisdom. It is simple. He says, “Be satisfied with what you have. Take your fair share and no more. Share whatever you have. If you have more than you need, give it away.”
This is not rocket science. Our faith, at its core, is simple. Being a disciple means living a simple life and sharing what we have.
But immediately our minds try to complicate things with rationalizations and excuses. It couldn’t be that simple, could it? We think to ourselves, “Of course, my case is different. My life is more complicated than that.”
But today’s Gospel puts the answer to the questions, “”What should we do?” in its simplest form. Live simply and share. Advent is a time for stripping away the extra things as we wait in expectant hope. May we allow the simplicity of this answer to challenge us as we wait for the coming of Jesus.
Lincoln A. Wood

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