Advent 2: Prepare the Way

Lincoln’s Log 12-9-12
“Prepare the way of the Lord.”
(Lk. 3:6)
“Proper preparation prevents poor performance.” This was a phrase one of my former pastors used all the time. He had served in the United States Marine Corps before being called to the priesthood and I think he learned that phrase there. He called it the 5 P’s and tried to live his life as an individual who was prepared for anything.
Today we are reminded by John the Baptist of the importance of preparation. John, who could have been a Marine himself, is a voice crying out in the desert. He is a challenging figure who calls us to prepare.
And how does John call us to prepare. We are to prepare through repentance. We are to change our hearts. We are to change our minds. And we are to change our lives. We are to prepare by turning away from all that hinders love in our lives. We are to let go of our addictions and destructive habits. We are to move beyond selfishness. We are to change our lives. Repent!
It is through repentance that miracles can happen. In repenting, “every valley shall be filled in and every mountain and hill shall be made low.” We are made to love. Repentance is allowing love to flow through our lives, like a river in the desert.
When we properly prepare this Advent our lives are changed. Love flows. If our love has been experiencing “poor performance” in our lives due to sin, advent is just what we need to straighten ourselves out. John’s voice calls us to prepare the way of love. “Make the path straight.”
Together, we respond to John’s voice in the desert and pray that “all flesh shall see the salvation of our God.”
Lincoln A. Wood

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