Lincoln’s Log 8-7-10

Everybody wins!


Last weekend over a dozen children and adults from our parish and school picked blueberries at Blueberry Haven.  Why?  Due to the wet weather, the crop hasn’t been picked yet and many of the berries are in danger of rotting on the bush.


Blueberry Haven approached us because the berries were going to be wasted if they were not picked.  Several families responded to this need.  Over a hundred pounds of berries that would have gone to waste will now be used in the school lunch program.  Our children learned the importance of service by taking care of the gifts that God has given.  A valuable lesson in stewardship!  By working together, everybody won.


This is only one example of wise stewardship going on in our community.  The generosity of people donating their skills, time, money, and work for the St. Mary’s Sauer Kraut Festival this weekend is another example.  If you weren’t involved in some way this year, be sure to help out next year.  It is a wonderful event and exemplifies generous sharing and careful use of God’s gifts to us.  At the festival, everybody wins.


God continues to bless us in unexpected ways.  This weekend we hear that “Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more.”  As disciples, we strive to care for all the gifts God gives us.  One way we do that is to find situations where “everybody wins.”


If you have ideas or examples where "everybody wins" I would love to hear them.  So many good things are happening in our community.  Let’s proclaim the good news to one another.




P.S.  If you are interested in picking berries (there is no charge for the berries if they are for the school lunch program) please contact Mary Hohensee at the parish office.


Lincoln A. Wood
Parish Director
St. Mary's Parish, Bear Creek
St. Rose Parish, Clintonville

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