Lincoln’s Log 8-1-10

Take care to guard against all greed, for though one may be rich, one's life does not consist of possessions.”

These are Jesus' words to us in this Sunday's Gospel. But how? How do we guard against greed? We are surrounded by messages that tell us that we are incomplete. Buy this product and you will be happy. Eat this food and you will find fulfillment. We all know that these promises are empty. Yet the temptation is always there. Is there a spiritual practice that can help us fight the temptation to greed?

I believe there is. That practice is gratefulness. Cultivating gratefulness can be an antidote to the temptation of greed. An easy way to cultivate gratefulness is to “Count your blessings.” This simple practice can be done regularly to empower us to resist the temptation to greed. Many people count their blessings just before bed as they review the many gifts that God has given them. Even on the worst days, there is much to be grateful for: sunshine or rain, a child's smile, food on the table, a glass of clear water, flowers… These simple blessings are innumerable.

There is even a website dedicated to gratefulness. You can find it at: It has many wonderful resources and videos to cultivate gratefulness.  Also check out this powerful video at: 

A grateful heart is a generous heart. A grateful heart is free from greed because it is filled with the recognition of the abundant gifts that God has given. A disciples heart is a grateful heart. As disciples, may we deepen our sense of gratefulness in the coming week!




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