Obedience to God, the Rule, the Abbot and the Community

Let all, therefore, follow the Rule in all things as their guide, and from it let no one rashly turn aside. Let no one in the monastery follow the will of his own heart: nor let anyone presume insolently to contend with his Abbot, either within or without the monastery. But if he should dare to do so, let him be subjected to the Rule. The Abbot himself, however, must do everything with the fear of God, and in observance of the Rule: Knowing that he will have without doubt to render to God, the most just judge, an account of all his judgments.

If it happens that less important matters have to be transacted for the advantage of the monastery let him take counsel with the seniors only, as it is written: Do all things with counsel, and you will not afterwards repent of it (Sir. 32:24).

Rule of Benedict, Chapter 3


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