God of ecstacy

“This ‘supreme’ and ‘surpassing’ reality by which the human being is transformed and given a new ultimate purpose is none other than the strange God who is powerful enough to become powerless, great enough to become small…. The Incarnation is the surest sign that God is best described as ecstacy.”
Robert Barron

The Best Things

The best things cannot be talked about.
The second best things are usually misunderstood because we are using images and metaphors to point towards the first.
So we spend most of our lives talking about the third best things because we need to talk and we long to be understood.
Richard Rohr


In our culture, we suffer from, among other things, a glut of words, a glut of experiences, and, yes, a glut of tapes, books, and ideas. When we have too many words, we tend not to value them, even if they might contain life for us. We find it hard to be a disciple with a beginner’s mind because we’ve heard it all before, from many directions. We can’t absorb it all.”
Richard Rohr